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  • My first healing experience with Jerry was physically felt. I felt the energy moving within and the heat generated from his hands. I have gone back many times and have had some good releases of pain, as well as learning to quiet the mind. I recommend you experience his gift personally.   - Kristin F. LPN

  • "He speaks with such clarity."   - Michele B.

  • Jerry shares healing energy joyfully and my soul is refreshed after a healing session with him.   - Elizabeth K.

  • After my healing session with Jerry, I went to my massage therapist the following week.  My massage therapist was surprised that all the usual "knots" in my muscles were gone before my massage!   - Susan M.

  • I went to see Jerry when I started my journey towards spiritual healing.  When Jerry worked with me it was an amazing experience. I didn’t realize how many blocks I had that were impeding happiness, health and spiritual growth.  Within two sessions the major energy block I had in my heart Chakra loosened and I felt the most energizing and cleansing release.  It was very moving as well and helped put me on a path to great personal peace.  Thanks Jerry.    – Kyra D.

  • I've received quantum touch healing from Jerry over the past couple years, and I really enjoy the special healing energy that he works with. His healing session brings relaxation, comfort, and revitalization. As an energy healer myself, I am particular with the healers I work with. I can say with confidence that your healing session with Jerry will help you. Jerry is a kind, friendly, reliable and down to earth person who truly cares about helping others and uplifting the energy of those around him.  - Chloe U

  • I had a distance healing session with Jerry recently.  I found his energy very strong yet gentle.  When my body was embraced by his energy during the healing session, I felt safe and protected.  - Anniina K. (Finland)

  • Whenever I finished a healing session with Jerry, I felt so relaxed and felt like I was walking on air.   - James B.

  • I feel so comfortable and relaxed after my healing session with Jerry   - Patrick B.

  • Wow, I feel so weightless after my healing session with Jerry   - Tina C.

  • I saw a group of Tibetan masters in ethereal presence working with Jerry during my healing session   - Theresa P. (Psychic)

  • Having a few health issues such as digestive issues, old injuries and cognitive problems due to concussions, I was intrigued while reading about Jerry's skills.  With multi talents and extensive wisdom, his healing hands exude powerful energies to lure the body into enhanced health.  He tops this off with dietary insights and other complimentary approaches, such as music and movement, to tweak the body's healing potential.  - Marilyn H.

  • About a year and a half ago a vehicle drove into my backside and immobilized me.  I was introduced to Jerry’s energy healing.  After a few sessions, I am now able to do much of what I was doing prior to the accident and to live my personal and professional life without much pain and discomfort and with a greatly improved mobility.  I highly recommend Jerry’s holistic approach on healing to support my recovery back to health. - Gloria W.

  • I have been working closely with Jerry for approximately 3 months. We meet at least once a week. Our time spent together is used for hiking up to power points within the many parks and forests around Vancouver. As well, Jerry provides body work healing services, and guidance, for redirecting my energy towards a mindset that is oriented for gratitude.  Many thanks are given to Jerry, from my core being. He is most trustworthy, authentic, kind, generous, and wise. He is someone that I value in my life, would recommend his services to anyone seeking a knowledgeable guide. He is fair and honest, and I will continue to enjoy and benefit from the great value of his kind and gentle energy in my life.  - Cherise M                                                              

  • I' have had the pleasure of taking two sessions from Jerry- energy healing and Crystal bowl healing.  I was struggling with issues like low energy, negative thought pattern for over a year and just with two sessions I saw a huge difference in how I was feeling energetically, emotionally and mentally. He is great at doing the work he does, is very professional and makes sure he explains the process to his clients.  I highly recommend working with him and experience the difference for your self.  - Vani W

  • I injured my foot severely several years ago breaking three metatarsals and dislocating the other two.  My surgery was done in the emergency room, outside of my home town.  The surgeon did not have high expectations for my foot being fully functional in the future.  After some months when I was able to walk again, I visited Jerry for a few healing treatments.  I felt a tingling sensation in my foot and the toes during those healing sessions, so I knew something was happening.  After eight years of my foot injury, I went back to the same surgeon who remembered my surgery after looking up my file.  He was amazed how my foot recovered so well, I was able to walk miles daily, and also went trekking in Nepal without noticeable arthritis in the injured foot.

       - John F.​

  • I attend the Crystal Bowl Meditation sessions and have been enjoying the combination of yoga followed by the crystal bowl meditation.  The two work hand in hand, and each week I find myself going deeper with each practrice. 

       - Jo-Anne

  • I attend the Yin Yoga & Crystal Bowl Meditation class on Monday evenings.  It is very peaceful. 

       - Jan P.

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